When you contact the attorneys at the Gentry Law Firm, we begin by having you come to our law firm to meet our attorneys during a consultation. While friends and family may provide you with advice, a consultation with our legal team is the best way to understand your options for your divorce or family law matter. Although our office is located in Albuquerque, we represent clients in all areas of New Mexico.



Before arriving at our Albuquerque law office, create a list of questions and issues that you would like to discuss with our divorce lawyers. This may include questions about custody, property division and co-parenting. During your consultation, you can expect to discuss:

  • The various dispute resolution processes available in New Mexico family law and divorce cases.
  • Any matters pertaining to minor children of the marriage.
  • The division of marital property, including assets and debts.
  • Both child support and spousal support.
  • Attorney’s fees and costs.

Everything discussed at your consultation is confidential and will not be repeated without your permission. With that in mind, be truthful and candid about the issues related to your family law case—it helps our lawyers give you the best advice possible relating to your case.